Quality Accessories For Quality Machines

Rotowash machines and accessories are built to the highest international standards on quality, design, electrical and safety, without exception and without compromise.

Rotowash Replacement BrushesReplacement Brushes

High quality and long lasting, Rotowash brushes are designed to enhance and extend the cleaning method of the entire Rotowash range. Color coded to prevent cross-contamination.

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Rotowash Rotocart AccessoryRotocart

The Rotocart Universal fits all our machines and is attached and detached with ease.
Clips on in seconds and off you go. The Rotowash comes equipped with wheels on the bottom of the machine for moving short distances. However, if you require a lot of job to job and vehicle in and out situations then a Rotocart is best suited for you.

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Rotowash Corner Brush AccessoryCorner Brush

For cleaning along baseboards and in the most inaccessible places (wall recesses and around furniture legs, etc.,). Easily detached when not required.

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Side Brush

Designed to reach right to the edges of your floor and fits onto all of our machines.
Ideal for ecalators & travelators

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