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Rotowash floor cleaning machines are designed to increase cleaning productivity, optimize hygiene standards and improve efficiency to save our customers time as well as operational costs. With environmental considerations in mind, you can expect efficient water usage and Eco-Friendly consumables when using a Rotowash hard surface cleaning machine. Our philosophy goes beyond excellence in product engineering. We are also concerned to provide hygienic solutions that enhance the life of the individual floor surface, whilst at the same time maintaining an environment that is safe, healthy and visually appealing.

Floor Maintenance Program

5 Star Versatility

The Rotowash commercial floor scrubber is one of the most versatile floor cleaning machines on the market. Move straight from cleaning carpet to cleaning dirty tiles and grout with ease!

Floor Cleaning Videos

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Browse through our videos and watch the Rotowash floor maintainer cleaning various types of surfaces. Not only is the Rotowash floor scrubber an effective floor cleaning machine it is also fun to use.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Machine

Rotowash Models

From Residential floor cleaning needs to Commercial floor cleaning challenges there is a Rotowash floor cleaning machine suited for your particular needs.


Rotowash Floor Scrubber

One Machine To Clean All Floor Types

The Rotowash floor scrubber machine effectively cleans Tiles & Grout, Carpets, Hard Floors, Vinyl, Ceramic Tiles, Natural Stone, Anti-Slip, Escalators, Flotex, Regupol, Limestone, Marble, Resin, Wood, Sports Surfaces, Concrete flooring and much much more! As part of a commercial and residential floor maintenance program the Rotowash floor cleaner is the most versatile carpet and floor cleaning machine on the market.

Commercial Residential Floor Scrubber Machine

All Rotowash hard surface cleaning machines can use up to 90% less* water and chemical/cleaning solutions than other conventional cleaning methods, which means much less time spent filling and emptying. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use. A Rotowash is as quick and easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner. Great for Domestic, Residential and Commercial floor cleaning and maintenance.

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“The Clever Solution for Sustainable Efficiency in Floorcare”

In one pass the Rotowash Carpet & Floor Cleaning Machine washes and scrubs – removes dirt and stains –  and immediately collects waste water and leaves the floor dry.