A Cleaning Solution for ALL Types of Carpets and Hard-Surface Flooring

We take great pride in the design, manufacturing and exclusive range of Rotowash domestic, commercial and industrial floor cleaning machinery. At the very heart of the innovative design; is the Rotowash dual contra-rotating cylindrical brush system which is proven to provide superior cleaning results, no more bad odors from soiling and dirt left behind by other equipment. Rotowash is the clever solution for sustainable efficiency on all types of floors.

If you just want one machine, to clean multiple floor coverings, think Rotowash.

Contract CleanersContract Cleaners:

Rotowash understands that your business needs the ability to deliver efficient, effective, high quality results to your clients. With outstanding manoeuvrability all floors can be simultaneously scrubbed, rinsed and dried in a single pass. Our compact machine sizes make them it easy to transport which has always made it popular with cleaning contractors.

Hospital and Aged Care FacilitiesHospitals and Aged Care Facilities:

Originally, the connection between the cleanliness of a hospital environment and patient outcomes was not known and hospital rooms were cleaned primarily for aesthetic purposes. Today, there is science behind the importance of effective cleaning and the impact it has on reducing the spread of infection in a hospital.

Animal Care Facility CleaningAnimal Care, Veterinary Practice

The Rotowash quickly and hygienically cleans just about any floor surface used in animal care: quarry tiles, lino, concrete, rubber, resin, wood, carpeting and even all slip resistant coverings, helping to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for veterinarians and the animals in their care.

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Hotels and MotelsHotels and Motels:

First impressions are vital. Request a demo and see why Rotowash can clean all floor types from your suites to your kitchens. Rotowash’s unique design lifts your carpet pile and removes trapped soiling that creates those bad odours.


Airports are high traffic and constantly being soiled. Rotowash can provide a unique cleaning solution for all floor surfaces.

Escalators and TravelatorsEscalators and Travelators:

Fast, simple, safe and highly effective; the results speak for themselves. Easy to use for men or women.

Retail and Shopping CentersRetail and Shopping Centers:

For clean presentation in high traffic shopping centres, car showrooms, workshop service centres, offices building; think fast, efficient, easy to use Rotowash.

Sports and GymnasiumsSports and Gymnasiums:

Blood, sweat and tears. A clean and healthy environment is all important with such high traffic and constant soiling area’s

Entertainment and Public VenuesEntertainment and Public Venues:

For stadiums, exhibition areas, pubs, clubs, and function centres it’s vital to provide clean, well presented areas.

Hospitality and CateringHospitality and Catering:

First class appearance and hygiene are vital to success in these industries

In and around the HomeIn and around the Home:

Inside & Out – Carpets, tiles, stone floors, concrete and patios, wooden decking, drive ways and garages, swimming pool area’s. A Rotowash provides effortless cleaning and as easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner.

Education FacilitiesEducation Facilities:

Cleanliness, health and cleaning-speed are your school or university’s top priorities, our machines will help you achieve these goals.

Manufacturing and Food ProcessingManufacturing and Food Processing:

These industries are scrutinized for regulatory compliance requiring the highest hygienic standards. Rotowash provides an efficient and highly effective solution to maintaining the standards required.

Commercial and Residential Carpet and Floor Maintenance

100% of your floors and carpets are in need of regular care and maintenance.

Rapid Scrub, Wash, Dry All Floors

Rotowash Brush Range

For over 42 years Rotowash floor cleaning equipment has tackled the hardest of cleaning jobs. Whether it be cleaning soft, hard or un-even floor coverings from the list above, or you are looking for ways to improve your ‘Green Cleaning Progam” with the benefits of up to a 90% reduction in water and chemicial comsumption compared to coventional cleaning methods.

The key to our longevity, and global success has been the combination of our orginal, unique designed contra rotating brush system, backed by a skilled, and experienced team who are dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations.