Rotowash R20T Model

Rotowash R20T – Flex 10″ with Tank “Gravity Spray”

This is the most basic of the Rotowash models, but is a fantastic, lightweight option for around the house or in smaller business environments. It is great for general maintenance and spot cleans to remove spills and stains quickly and efficiently.

Dual pass scrubber drier, floor washer machine

Rapidly Dry, Thoroughly Clean
The combination of our contra-rotating brushes and the gravity feed water system allows our dual pass machines to produce unrivaled levels of carpet and floor cleaning. Used in a forward and backward motion, the machines clean and dry as they work, leaving all of your flooring surfaces deeply cleansed and ready for use within minutes.

Operator Presence Control
Rotowash machines are fitted with an “Operator Presence Control (OPC)”. This operator safety device automatically stops the machine motor in the event of the handle being accidentally dropped. Sometimes also referred to as a “dead man’s handle” it switches off the machine power when an operator is not in control.

Appropriate Surface Types:

  • Carpets
  • Hard Floor Surfaces
  • Sealed Hard Floor Surfaces
  • External Surfaces

Technical Specifications:

  • Single-phase induction motor
  • Various ratings available eg 230V 50Hz  – 400w
  • Brush speed – 650rpm
  • Cleaning width – 200mm
  • Clean water capacity – 1 litre
  • Solution distribution method – gravity feed
  • Brush contact pressure – 280g/cm
  • Weight – 20.5 kg
  • Length – 366mm
  • Width – 303mm
  • Clearance height – 205mm
  • Coverage – hard floors – 2475 (Sq. ft./hr)
  • Coverage – carpets – 1075 (Sq. ft./hr)