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Floor Cleaning Machines that use up to 90% less water and chemicals.

Increase your revenue, save time and labor with dual purpose tile & grout cleaning machines. No need to bring two machines to the job. The Rotowash seamlessly cleans both carpets and hard surface floors!

Rotowash are the world’s most amazing tile & grout cleaning machines. They scrub, wash, dry and even polish. One machine cleans all floor types from hard surface floors to carpets. The Rotowash floor scrubber is also a great escalator cleaning machine. Travelators can also be easily cleaned, washed and scrubbed. Simply Amazing!

What's in your dirty mop and bucket?

The Rotowash carpet floor cleaning machine effectively cleans multiple floor types including profiled, anti-slip, carpet, vinyl, slate, resin, concrete, studded rubber, flotex, ceramic tiles, tiles and grout and more, allowing you to confidently undertake any carpet or floor cleaning challenge and consistently produce the highest standards of cleanliness.

Rotowash Tile & Grout Cleaning Machines

“Setting the Standard in Floorcare for Over 4 Decades”

Over 40 Years Floor Machine Experience Innovators - RotowashRotowash has proudly lead the market in cleaning technology for over 40 years. Thousands of happy customers from the health care sector, major industry, government bodies, contract cleaning organizations and small businesses. From the smallest kitchen to the largest shopping malls and everything in-between. Rotowash hard surface cleaning machines can effectively clean any type of flooring.


A Rotowash Professional Carpet & Floor Cleaning Machine produces a high quality rapid scrub, wash and dry on all types of hard surface floors and carpets, leaving the floors ready to walk on in minutes.

The Rotowash hardwood floor machine cleaner is designed and manufactured in state-of -the-art facilities in Austria, using material and components of the highest quality.

Rotowash Floor Cleaning Technology

Due to the Rotowash’s unique original design twin counter-rotating brush system, the counter rotation of the brushes actually combs, lifts and opens your flattened carpet pile in both directions at the same time. ( it’s like running your fingers through your hair from back to front at the same time; at 650rpm). A great wood floor cleaning machine.

The Rotowash walk-behind floor cleaning machine effectively cleans Tiles & Grout, Carpets, Hard Floors, Vinyl, Ceramic Tiles, Natural Stone, Anti-Slip, Escalators, Flotex, Regupol, Limestone, Marble, Resin, Wood, Sports Surfaces, Concrete flooring and much much more!

As part of a commercial, industrial and residential floor cleaning maintenance program the Rotowash floor cleaner is the most versatile carpet and hard surface floor cleaning machine on the market. Allowing you to confidently undertake any cleaning contract and consistently produce the highest standards of floor and carpet cleanliness.

Floor Scrubbing Machine - Rotowash

Whether you are cleaning carpets, wood flooring, vinyl floors, bathroom tile & grout, concrete floors, ceramic tiles, marble floors or any other hard surface flooring, one machine is all you need!

  • Lower Operating Costs
    All Rotowash machines use up to 90% less* water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods, which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use. A Rotowash is as quick and easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • 5 Star Versatility
    The Rotowash industrial, commercial & residential floor scrubber is one of the most versatile floor cleaning machines on the market. Move seamlessly from cleaning carpet to cleaning dirty tiles and grout with ease! The Rotowash can also clean into corners, recesses and along skirting without leaving brush marks or splashes on walls.
  • Effective Results With Ease!
    With up to 600,000 counter rotating cylindrical bristles cleaning at 650rpm and exerting up to 10 times the cleaning pressure of conventional flat pad type rotary floor cleaning machines, Rotowash delivers exceptional efficiency and cleaning power, with soft, medium or hard brushes reaching deep into the irregularities of all types of floor surfaces, from Tiles to Carpets and so much more. Check out our chemical usage guidelines.

Why Choose Rotowash Tile & Grout Cleaning Machines?

Why Rotowash Floor Cleaning Machine?

Rotowash Hard Surface Floor Scrubber Machines are capable of producing a high quality of wash, scrub and clean on many types of hard floors and carpets. Used in a forward and backward motion, the machines clean and dry as they work, leaving all of your surfaces deeply cleansed and ready for use within minutes.

The Rotowash Carpet Floor Cleaning Machine comes in a variety of sizes to cope with any task from the smallest kitchen to the largest shopping malls and everything in between.

Made in Austria

Rotowash is amongst the pioneers in the design and manufacture of compact subdryer floor cleaning machines.

Environment Friendly

Up to 90% savings on water and chemical costs. Easy to operate and fun to use. High standard of floor hygiene achieved.

Most Versatile

Clean multiple floor coverings with the same machine. The Rotowash has a unique and clever design.

Customer Satisfaction

Not only is the Rotowash an effective floor cleaning machine, it is also operator friendly, fun and easy to use!

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6 Models To Choose From

5 Star Versatility

Happy Satisfied Users

Uses up to 90% Less Water

Our Client Satisfaction Rate is Unparalleled in the Floor Cleaning Industry.

happy Floor Cleaners Testimonials

Read below what clients have to say and learn more about what makes a Rotowash floor scrubber and polisher the premier provider of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Floor Cleaning Machines.

Peter Glass Splendid Care

After using many different types of floor cleaning equipment over 10 years; Rotowash….Hands Down…. is the most effective multi surface floor cleaning machine I’ve ever used. It’s easy to operate with a low operating cost. It’s just a smart and simple cleaning system that works every time.

Peter Glass

C Bloomfield Janitorial Inc.

I have a successful 12 year business with 3 employees. Been cleaning residential and commercial carpets of all kinds using only the Rotowash. Very low overhead and proven performance packed into a quality machine that gets the job done. My customers love that within about an hour the carpets are virtually dry and ready for use.

J Burgen, Director Maria Mallaband Group

We have been using Rotowash cylindrical brush floor cleaning machines for many years and find them ideal for the cleaning of carpets and hard floors throughout our retirement care homes. Rotowash offer excellent advice, training and after sales service. I would recommend Rotowash for all your carpet and floor cleaning needs.

David Wilson Parkhill Nursing Home

We would readily recommend Rotowash to anyone thinking about purchasing a top quality floor cleaning machine. There may be cheaper ones out there but quality lasts and the backup service is top class too. Isn’t that what we all should be aiming for? Thank you Rotowash, and we look forward to many more years of excellent service.

Floor Washer Machine - Rotowash

Rotowash is the ultimate floor washer machine.