The Rotowash Range of Cylindrical Brush Floor Cleaning Machines

Increase your business revenue, save time and labor with this dual purpose carpet and floor cleaning machine. No need to bring two machines to the job. The Rotowash cleans both carpets and floors!

Rotowash floor cleaner machines are capable of producing a high quality of wash, scrub and clean on many types of hard floors and carpets, leaving the floors touch dry and ready to walk on within minutes. Rotowash machines come in a variety of sizes to cope with any task from the smallest kitchen to the largest shopping malls and everything in between.

Rotowash Models

Rotowash R20T Model

The R20T Model holds 3 liters of solution, lightweight and easy to move around the house or small to medium sized businesses.

Cleaning Path: 10″ inches

Note: This is not a regularly stocked item, but can be ordered upon request. Contact us for pricing.

Rotowash R30 Model

Faster than the R20T, the R30T Model is commonly used in business environments such as hotel rooms, veterinary clinics, medical centers, etc,.

Cleaning Path: 12″ inches
Contact us for pricing

Rotowash R45B Model

The R45B Model is ideal for clients that need a large space cleaned regularly. Extremely efficent for industrial kitchens, foyers and leisure centers.

Cleaning Path: 18″ inches
Price: $4,295.00

*all pricing subject to change without notice

Rotowash R45B-ESC Model

Ever wondered how escalators are cleaned? The R45B-ESC Model simply sits in place as the escalator moves cleaning between the grooves.

Cleaning Path: 18″ inches
Price: $4,945.00 (includes: brushes, side brush)

*all pricing subject to change without notice

Rotowash R45S Model

The R45S Model is a heavy duty solution for commercial clients or larger homes. A wider brush and larger solution tank gets the job done faster.

Cleaning Path: 18″ inches
Price: $3,895.00

*all pricing subject to change without notice

Rotowash R60B Model

The R60B Model is top-of-the-line. Cleans large areas in no time. Popular for factories, gymnasiums, airports and hospital settings.

Cleaning Path: 24″ inches
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What are the differences between Single Pass Models and Dual Pass Models?

front mounted spray jetsSingle Pass Models: R45B, R45B-ESC, R60B
These machines have 2 front-mounted water jets that utilize a pump system allowing for the entire cleaning process to be completed in a forward motion. Single pass machines are especially useful when cleaning larger areas.


Dual Pass Models: R20T, R30T, R45S
These machines have a gravity water feed system (no water pump). Cleaning is performed in a forward and backwards motion.



Important Pricing Information:
Rotowash machines are manufactured & shipped to our warehouse from Austria/Europe. PRICING MAY VARY due to the fluctuation of the Euro currency.

Request Pricing
If you have any questions we are here to help! We can advise you which machine will fit your cleaning challenges and your budget. Call Us Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time – Toronto (416)429-0401 or Toll Free (Canada) at 1(800)565-2574 or click here to fill out our contact page.

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